Thursday, February 18, 2021

February Minutes


Brought to order: 7:00PM                     Date: February 2, 2021
President Greg Holton presiding with 29 members present and 8 members excused

Pete Harrison, secretary/ treasurer read the minutes from previous meeting. They were accepted with no changes. .



Andrew Atkin
Jared Atkin
 Real Bazin
 Brody Burke EXCUSED
 Jack Burke

 Gary Cobb

 Tony Coven
 Nancy Deitz
 Nathan Fairbrother

 Michael Fawcett
 Jay Gagne 
 Mike Ghia


 Liam Hackett EXCUSED

 Pete Harrison

 Greg Holton

 George James EXCUSED
 Dominic Kendall
 Mark Lund
 Andrew Malshuk
 Eyvonne Martin
 Bill Muzzey
 Park Mellish
 Billy Nowers
 Kevin Patterson

 Jon Parker EXCUSED

 Caleb Rounds

 David Russell



 Dan Saccoccio

 Hunter Smith EXCUSED
 Tylar Stanley
 Mike Stetson
 Cole Streeter
 Nick Streeter
 J.T. Tabolt

 Austin Taylor EXCUSED

 Jon Taylor

 Kevin Ticino
 Wanda West EXCUSED

 Tyler Westney

 Tim Wilder

 Roy Williams


Meetings -Training – Events

Balance Sheet


CD 0.9 05-05-21
CD 0.9 05-12-21


































Chief’s Report
1. Great turnout and good job for the Camp Rd 1st alarm/chimney fire
2. Follow orders on scene and back at the station. No freelancing please.
3. Know what trucks have chains. Either drop chains or take a vehicle without chains when chains are not needed.
4. Gary Cobb C5 will be following up and working on a list regarding Covid vaccines. Wanda is looking into the Pfizer vaccine for the younger members.

Communications & Income Report

1. TQ from Pete
2. $20 for 911 sign for 1510 Windmill Hill S

1. Sympathy card to Jeff and Lisa Ruggiero
2. Sympathy card to Pete H.
3. Get well card to Kandace James

New Members and 6-Month Probation
1. Eyvonne Martin: 9/1/20 6 month probation until March meeting 2021
2. Jack Burke: 2/4/20 junior member until age 18 [April 20, 2021]
3. Park Mellish: 11/3/20 6 month probation until May meeting 2021
4. Andrew Atkin 1/5/21 6 month probation until July meeting 2021
5. Nancy Deitz 1/5/21 6 month probation until July meeting 2021
6. Nick Streeter: 10/1/19 junior member until age 18 [September 26, 2021]
7. Kevin Patterson: 6/2/20 junior member until age 18 [November 2, 2021]
8. Jared Atkin: 5/5/20 junior member until age 18 [May 16, 2022]

Bills & Debit Card
1. $50 Windham County Humane Society in memory of Kelly Tanner, Pete’s daughter.
2. $22 to U.S.Postmaster for stamps #2858
3. $50 to Greg Holton reimburse for donation to Humane Society #2859
4. $15 to Walpole EMS for 911 sign Windmill Hill #2860
5. $191 to Ink Factory for 2 work shirts, Dominic and Tylar [d]
6. $24.25 to Walmart for cleaning supplies [d]
7. $19.98 to Dunkin Donuts for Camp Rd 1st alarm [d]

Committee Reports:

  1. Jay Gagne C6 talked about the bylaw changes. Some changes have been requested and will be implemented so the final draft can be posted for 30 days before approval. Changes suggested:
  2. Article 9 line/section 13 out
  3. Article 10 section 10 out [line dealing with pagers]
  4. Jay also went over the contents and the uses of the First In Bags.
  5. Article 16 [20% active members; take out the word “active”

·      NONE

Hit List for Next Month

  • Dan Saccoccio
  • Cole Streeter
  • J.T. Tabolt
  • Jon Taylor

Old Business

New Business

  1. Andrew Malshuk donated a water cooler and it is up and running for both hot and cold water dispensing. It is located to the right of the kitchen entry.

Rescue Report

  1. Meeting next Tuesday the 9th [gas heaters and Covid kits]


1.    To accept secretary’s report: Made by Mike Fawcett 2nd by Mark Lund
Motion carried

2.    To accept treasurer’s and communications report: Made by Dave Russell  2nd by Jay Gagne
Motion carried

3.    To adjourn: Made by, Dave Russell 2nd by Billy Nowers

Adjourned:  7:29 PM

Officers & Trustees


    Greg Holton  2021

Vice President

    Mike Fawcett  2021


Pete Harrison 2021

First Trustee 3 yr

    David Russell 2022

Second Trustee 2 yr

George James  2021

Third Trustee 1 yr

J.T. Tabolt      2021