Saturday, May 16, 2020

May Minutes

Brought to order: 7:00 PM
Date: May 5, 2020
President Greg Holton presiding with 26 members present
George James read the minutes from previous meeting. They were accepted with no changes.


Real Bazin
Brody Burke
Jack Burke
A.J. Cable
Gary Cobb
Tony Coven
Nathan Fairbrother
Michael Fawcett
Jay Gagne
Mike Ghia
Liam Hackett

Pete Harrison
Greg Holton
George James
Dominic Kendall
Mark Lund
Andrew Malshuk
Bill Muzzey
Billy Nowers
Jon Parker
Caleb Rounds
David Russell
Dan Saccoccio

Hunter Smith
Mike Stetson
Cole Streeter
Nick Streeter
J.T. Tabolt
Austin Taylor
Jon Taylor
Kevin Ticino
Tyler Westney
Wanda West
Tim Wilder

Meetings -Training – Events

  1. May 16 th : Flag flying for Frank Mitchell
  2. May 19 th : Regular training, driver training
  3. June 2 nd Class A’s for group picture before meeting
  4. Applications for Captains and Lieutenants due 1 week before June meeting
  5. Association officers and one year trustee voted on June 2nd
Balance Sheet
CD 0.9 05-05-21
CD 2.50 05-01-20




Total 16,984.73

Chief’s Report
1. There have been reports of our vehicles going too fast. Watch your speed. You are being watched.
2. Gary Cobb has replaced Roy Williams as Captain/Safety officer which has created a vacancy for Lieutenant
3. Nice job at the house fire in Athens
4. No freelancing! When at a scene be sure to get approval from an officer before getting involved in assistance.
5. We will be flying a flag on May 16 th given to us in memory of Frank Mitchell
6. Good job at brush fire
7. Fire Wardens: They have nothing to do with the fire department or the prudential; they are appointed by the select board
8. Tower 2 training coming right up.
9. Web page: Get approval from an officer before posting anything.
10. Andrew Malshuk has turned 18 and is eligible for full membership under the probation guidelines. Motion by Dave Russell 2nd by A.J Cable to accept carried.
11. Jared Atkin has applied for junior membership: Motion by Real Bazin 2nd by Gary Cobb to accept. Motion carried

Communications & Income Report
1. $17.28 from District #3 reimbursement for 6 cases of water
2. Certificates from Doreen Moran
3. Shields from Chris Irish of the R.V.T.C.
4. TQ from Alma Beals for Gazette support
5. Cookies from Eichelman

1. TQ and gift certificate from Diamond Pizza to Doreen
2. TQ to Chris Irish and to Laura Mayer who arranged the process

New Members and 6-Month Probation
1. Nathan Fairbrother: 6 months probation until August 4 th meeting 2020
2. Andrew Malshuk: 6 months probation until August 4 th meeting 2020
3. Dominic Kendall: Junior member until age 18 [January 6, 2021]
4. Jack Burke: Junior member until age 18 [April 20, 2021]
5. Nick Streeter: Junior member until age 18 [September 26, 2021]
6. Mike Stetson: 6 month probation until October 6 th meeting
7. Jared Atkin: Junior member until age 18. [May 16 th 2022]

Bills & Debit Card
1. $400 to Westminster Gazette for underwriting #2831
2. $88 to Ben’s Uniforms for Captain Cobb #2832
3. $53.45 to BJ for breakfast supplies [d]

Committee Reports
1. A.J. Cable: By law committee consisting of George James, Jay Gagne, Mike Fawcett, Caleb Rounds, A.J. and Bill Muzzey will be meeting.

Hit List for Next Month
  • Dave Russell
  • J.T. Tabolt
  • Real Bazin
  • Old Business
  • Dave Russell: Group picture before meeting June 2nd . [Class A’s]
New Business
1.Chief made a motion 2nd by Jon Parker that deputies remain the same as last year: Mark Lund 1st deputy, C2, Real Bazin 2nd deputy C3.
2. Long Gevity pins and certificates were handed out to the following: 5 years of service; Brody Burke, A.J. Cable, David Russell. Fifteen years; George James
3. Applications for candidates for Captains and Lieutenants must be in May and handed in 1 week before the June 2 nd meeting so ballots can be printed. Absentee ballots must be picked up at the station. Officers and one year trustee of the association voted on at June meeting.
4. Chief asked if there was any interest in a FF1 or FF2 course. Several hands went up.
5. Mike Fawcett asked if anyone making out reports during an incident could print their name or put their number on the signature line in case reference needs to be made at a later date to who made out the report.

Rescue Report
1. Jon Parker: Combine drill May 19th

1. To accept secretary’s report: Made by Mark Lund 2 nd by Jon Parker
Motion carried
2. To accept treasurer’s and communications report: Made by David Russell 2nd by Mark Lund
Motion carried
3. To accept Andrew Malshuk as a full member under the 6 month probation guidelines: Made
by David Russell 2nd by A.J. Cable
Motion carried
4. To accept Jared Atkin as a junior member until age 18: Made by Real Bazin 2nd by Gary Cobb
Motion carried
5. To keep deputy chiefs the same as last year: Made by Cole Streeter 2nd by Jon Parker
Motion carried
6. To adjourn: Made by Gary Cobb 2 nd by Jon Parker:

Adjourned: 7:29 PM
Officers & Trustees
President Greg Holton 2020
Vice President Mike Fawcett 2020

Pete Harrison 2020
First Trustee 3 yr David Russell 2022
Second Trustee 2 yr George James 2021
Third Trustee 1 yr A.J. Cable 2020