Monday, October 7, 2019

September Minutes

Brought to order: 7:10 PM                     Date: October 1, 2019
President Greg Holton presiding with 22 members present and 5 members excused

Pete Harrison, secretary/ treasurer read the minutes from previous meeting. They were accepted with no changes. .


 Real Bazin EXCUSED
 Brody Burke EXCUSED
 A.J. Cable
 Michael Fawcett
 Michael Freegard
 Jay Gagne
 Mike Ghia
 Liam Hackett EXCUSED
 Pete Harrison
 Greg Holton
 George James
 Mark Lund
 Pat Moran
 Jon Parker
 Caleb Rounds
 David Russell
 Dan Saccoccio
 Hunter Smith

 Cole Streeter
 Nick Streeter
 J.T. Tabolt
 Austin Taylor EXCUSED
 Jon Taylor
 Kevin Ticino
 Wanda West
 Tim Wilder
 Roy Williams

Meetings -Training – Events
1. Sunday October 6th Claremont parade 6:30PM
2. Tuesday October 8th rescue training 6:30 PM CPR
3. Friday the 11th fire prevention open house
4.Saturday the 12th Keene parade
5. Sunday the 13th B.F. parade
6. Tuesday the 15th regular training. Chimney fire and pumping

Balance Sheet

CD 2.50 03-19-20
CD 2.50 05-01-20




Chief’s Report
1. Tanker 1 and Engine 3 are back in service. Keep an eye on gauges as with every vehicle
2. Upcoming parades for fire prevention week. Let Chief know if you are available. B.F is the 13th, Keene the 12th and Claremont the 11th in the evening.
3. Fire training: [see schedule above]
4. Fire prevention Friday the 11th [see chief if available]

Communications & Income Report

1. $80 cash from Pete Fry for building use
2. TQ from Pete and Judy

. Gift certificate for Hungry Diner for $50 to Judy and Pete Harrison
2. Sympathy card to Joanne Parker
3. Gift basket to Bob Haas

New Members and 6-Month Probation
1. Hunter Smith: Junior member until age 18 [February 12, 2020] 
2. Nick Streeter: Junior member until age 18 [September 26, 2021]

Bills & Debit Card
1. $25.26 to Walmart for forks [d]
2. $25.26 cash refund from Walmart 
3. $21.56 to Tim McMahon for cleaning #2788, #2789, 2792
4. $48.37 to Allen Brother breakfast sandwiches M/A call to Grafton 9/8 [d]
5. $9.49 to Dunkin Donuts M/A call to Grafton 9/8 [d]
6. $400 to Megan Banik first of two for continuing education #2790
7. $71 to Westminster Cares for Weebly web site renewal for one year #2791

Committee Reports

  • NONE

Hit List for Next Month
Mark Lund
Pete Harrison

Old Business
1. New siren for Engine 3 will be operable in a day or two

New Business
1. Nick Streeter turned 16 in September and is recommended as a junior member until age 18.
2. Greg: Halloween open house the 31st. We will be handing out candy and pop corn.

Rescue Report
1.CPR training the 8th at 6:30
2. Jay Gagne talked about the “First In” bag he put together to be placed in service. RED bag is for bleeding; GREEN is for airways; YELLOW is for medication. All items are in one bag.


1.    To accept secretary’s report: Made by Mark Lund 2nd by  Jon Taylor
Motion carried
2.    To accept treasurer’s and communications report: Made by Jon Taylor 2nd by Dave Russell
Motion carried
3.    To accept Nick Streeter as a junior member until age 18: Made by Gary Cobb 2nd by David Russell
Motion carried
4.    To allocate $100 for Halloween treats: Made by Jon Parker 2nd by Mike Fawcett
Motion carried
5.    To. Adjourn: Made by Gary Cobb, 2nd by Mark Lund.
Motion carried

Adjourned:  7:26 PM

Officers & Trustees
    Greg Holton  2020
Vice President
    Mike Fawcett  2020
Pete Harrison 2020
First Trustee 3 yr
    David Russell 2022
Second Trustee 2 yr
George James  2021
Third Trustee 1 yr
A.J. Cable       2020