Monday, October 19, 2020

October Mintues

Brought to order: 7:28 PM 

Date: October 6, 2020

President Greg Holton presiding with 29 members present and 7 members excused. The meeting started late because flu shots were given to those who wanted them.

Pete Harrison, secretary/ treasurer read the minutes from previous meeting. They were accepted with
no changes. 

Jared Atkin EXCUSED
 Real Bazin
 Brody Burke EXCUSED
 Jack Burke
 A.J. Cable

 Gary Cobb

 Tony Coven
 Nathan Fairbrother

 Michael Fawcett
 Jay Gagne
 Mike Ghia


 Liam Hackett EXCUSED

 Pete Harrison

 Greg Holton

 George James EXCUSED
 Dominic Kendall
 Mark Lund
 Andrew Malshuk
 Eyvonne Martin
 Bill Muzzey
 Billy Nowers EXCUSED
 Kevin Patterson

 Jon Parker

 Caleb Rounds

 David Russell
 Dan Saccoccio



 Hunter Smith EXCUSED
 Tylar Stanley
 Mike Stetson
 Cole Streeter
 Nick Streeter
 J.T. Tabolt

 Austin Taylor

 Jon Taylor

 Kevin Ticino
 Tyler Westney

 Wanda West

 Tim Wilder

 Roy Williams


Meetings -Training – Events
Balance Sheet
1. Tuesday 21st rescue training


CD 0.9 05-05-21
CD 0.9 05-12-21













Chief’s Report

1. Tanker 2 is repaired and back
2. Training 21 st
3. Good job on the chicken barbeque fund raiser
4. Call count is down giving us a nice break

Communications Income Report
1. $100 donation from Barbara Taylor memory of Dick
2. $151 cash for Class A uniform accessories for Kevin Ticino
3. $80 cash donation from Mike Fawcett bee sting response
4. $97 check from C5 for work shirt
5. $50 cash pool filling
6. $100 from Floyd Lawrence for pool filling
7.$100 from Calchera for pool filling
8. $135.79 from District #3 refund for food for brush fire call
9. $75 donation from Pirreccello
10. $50 from High Meadow Farm for pool filling
11. Thank you from June for the gift basket

1. TQ to Barb Taylor
2. TQ to Mike
3.TQ Kathleen Pirreccello

New Members and 6-Month Probation
1. Andrew Malshuk: 6 months probation until October 6 th meeting 2020
2. Michael Stetson; 6 month probation until October 6 th meeting 2020
3. Dominic Kendall: Junior member until age 18 [January 6, 2021]
4. Tylar Stanley: Junior member until age 18 [January 24, 2021]
5. Eyvonne Martin: 6 month probation until March 2 nd meeting 2021
6. Jack Burke: Junior member until age 18 [April 20, 2021]
7. Nick Streeter: Junior member until age 18 [September 26, 2021]
8. Kevin Patterson: Junior member until age 18 [November 2, 2021]
9. Jared Atkin: Junior member until age 18 [May 16, 2022]

Bills & Debit Card
1.$24.98 to Shaw’s for food for September 1 st meeting [d]
2. $12.98 to Jay Gagne reimburse for cable for spotted dog #2844
3. $96 to Weebly for website renewal 9/6/20 [d]
4. $51.89 to Shaw’s gift basket for Stateline Truck [d]
5. $43.99 to Staples for toner #2845
6. $65 to Ruggiero Trash Removal for large trash barrel #2846
7. $291 to Ink Factory for 3 work shirts Westney, Fairbrother, Cobb [D]
8. $1106.25 to District #3 25% of pool filling 2020 #2847 VOID VOID VOID
9. $22.46 to Shaw’s food for Lober workers [d]
10.$109.93 to Lisai’s food for Lober workers [d]
11. $4634 to Jacob Lober Recovery Fund $2848 [pass through]
12. Deposit $4634 to cover check #2848
13. $658 to Pure Green Tees LLC $2849
14. $43.76 to Cool Coolers latches and hinges for coolers [d]
15. $1181.25 to District #3 25% of pool filing income #2850
16. $64 to US Postmaster for box 111 rent #2851
17. $48.50 to Lotus Graphics for patch cards $2852

Committee Reports
1. Jon Parker RC2: Nice job and many thanks for the hard work for the Lober fund-raiser. It was a good time. There were 30 bags of chickens left over that disappeared a few days after the event. Anyone who has any knowledge of that please share it with one of the officers.

  • Hit List for Next Month
  • Tyler Westney
  • Tony Coven
  • George James
  • Mike Stetson

Old Business

1. Greg: Tee shirts are in. They all have flags so the bill is increased by $344.
Saturday the 10th is the last day for anyone who wants to order additional shirts.

New Business
1. C6: New medical bag is in the Utility identical to one in Rescue1. One will be put together for the Rescue 2 in the West station.
2. Jay Gagne proposed buying a new 40” flat screen TV for spotted dog for $180.
3. Jon Taylor asked about having some radios in the vehicles at the West station in case of a need for traffic control.
4. Greg: Replacement latches and hinges that were broken on the coolers are all installed.
5. Gary Cobb wants to buy more patches

Rescue Report
1. Wanda RC1: EMS protocol updates are overdue. Get them done as soon as possible. Training Tuesday the 21st

1. To accept secretary’s report: Made by David Russell 2nd by Mike Fawcett
    Motion carried
2. To accept treasurer’s and communications report: Made by Jon Taylor 2nd by David Russell
    Motion carried
3. To accept Andrew Malshuk and Mike Stetson as full members having completed successfully the 6 month probation: Made by Jon Parker 2nd by Mark Lund
    Motion carried
4. To purchase a 40” flat screen TV+ monitor for $180 for the spotted dog: Made by Mark Lund 2nd by Gary Cobb
    Motion carried
5. To pay the additional $344 for the flags on the tee shirts: Made by Real Bazin 2nd by Mark
    Motion carried
6. To purchase more patches for $277: Made by Real Bazin 2nd by Mark Lund.
    Motion carried
7. To adjourn: Made by Mark Lund 2nd by everyone:
    Adjourned: 7:48PM

Officers & Trustees

  • President Greg Holton 2021
  • Vice President Mike Fawcett 2021
  • Secretary/Treasurer
  • Pete Harrison 2021
  • First Trustee 3 yr David Russell 2022
  • Second Trustee 2 yr George James 2021
  • Third Trustee 1 yr A.J. Cable 2021