Thursday, January 5, 2023

January Minutes

Brought to order: 7:00 PM                     Date: January 3, 2023
First Trustee Nick Streeter presiding with 31 members present and 8 members excused. Currently there are 48 members.

Pete Harrison, secretary/ treasurer read the minutes from previous meeting. They were accepted with no changes.


 John Adams
 Andrew Atkin
Jared Atkin
 Real Bazin
 Brody Burke EXCUSED
 Jack Burke EXCUSED

 Gary Cobb
 Tony Coven
 Nancy Deitz
 Tessa Ellis
 Nate Fairbrother

 Michael Fawcett
 Jay Gagne
 Mike Ghia


 Liam Hackett EXCUSED


 Pete Harrison
 Greg Holton

 Dominic Kendall
 Daniel Kennett
 Mark Lund
 Andrew Malshuk
 Eyvonne Martin EXCUSED
 Josh Martin
 Park Mellish
 Alex Morcillo
 Bill Muzzey

 Jon Parker

 Caleb Rounds
 Justin Ruggiero

 David Russell
 Dan Saccoccio



 Hunter Smith EXCUSED
 Pete Smith
 Tylar Stanley EXCUSED
 Mike Stetson
 Cole Streeter
 Josh Streeter
 Nick Streeter
 Ryan Struthers
 J.T. Tabolt EXCUSED

 Austin Taylor

 Jon Taylor
 Wanda West

 Tyler Westney
 Michael White

 Tim Wilder

 Roy Williams


Meetings -Training – Events
1. Tuesday the 10th training 6:15 PM

Balance Sheet


CD 0.3 05-20-23
Member Savings



Debit Card Acct         



Cont Education



























Chief’s Report
1.  RT 121 will be closed for a period of time because of work being performed on the I 91 bridge over Rt 121 and the Saxtons River. During that time accessing 1145 & 1147  Rt 121 east must be done from the Bellows  Falls end. Anything from 1633 & 1644 West must be accessed from the Back Westminster Rd.
2. Thanks for all the help and dedication in 2022 with all the calls. We had 57 calls in December and 498 for the calendar year.
4. Training next Tuesday hopefully starting by 6:15PM or 6:30PM
5. Checking on grants for emergency equipment. 

Communications & Income Report

1. $100 check donation from Sarah [Dolly] White
2. $150 donation check from Peter Lefcort
3. $100 check from Gay Family for building use
4. $20 cash from Heather Hunter for Christmas Toast 23
5. $100 check from Bill Smidutz honor of our volunteers
6. $50 check from Leonard & Nancy Farrar memory of Geraldine Palmer
7. $50 check from Leonard & Nancy Farrar memory of Stanley Farrar
8. $200 donation check from Jeff Shumlin/Evelyn Lovett
9. TQ note and cookies from Jim Grout
10. $50 gift card for Allen Brothers from the “B.F. Parade of Lights” committee

1. Get well card to Tony and Judy Coven 12/7
2. Thank you card to Kelley and Dan Green for Christmas tree 12/7
3. TQ to Sarah White
4. Gift basket to Jim Grout
5. Verbal TQ to Heather
6. TQ to Leonard & Nancy Farrar
7. TQ to Bill Smidutz
8. TQ to Shumlin/Lovett
9. Sympathy card to Peter Smith from all of us.
10. Get well card and bag of treats & gifts to Real
11. Donation to St John’s Episcopal Church memory of Pete Smith’s father Ralph [Red] Smith

New Members and 6-Month Probation

1. Daniel Kennett: 6 month probation until April 4th meeting 2023
2. Josh Streeter: 01/04/22 Jr member until age 18 March 2nd 2025
3. John Adams: 01/04/22 Jr member until age 18 March 5th 2025
4. Josh Martin: 01/04/22 Jr member until age 18 April 3rd 2025

Bills & Debit Card
1. $12 to U.S. Postmaster for stamps #2932
2. $21.18 to Weston Christmas Shop for Jim Grout #2933
3. $38.54 TO Vermont Country Store for Jim Grout #2934
4. $13.03 to Shaw’s for Jim Grout  #2935
5. $37.19 to Shaw’s for Christmas Toast 22   #2935 [total $50.22]
6. $271.98 to Jon Parker reimburse for Christmas Toast 22 #2936
7. $150.28 to Shaw’s Christmas Toast 22   [d]
8.$64.98 to NH Liquor Store Christmas Toast [d]
9. $73.85 to Lisai’s market Christmas Toast 22 [d] [Total for pary$598.90]
10. $50 to St John’s Episcopal Church #2937
11. $78.90 to Dollar General for cleaning supplies [d]

Committee Reports

·      NONE

Hit List for Next Month

  • Jon Taylor
  • Roy Williams
  • Mike Ghia
  • Bill Muzzey
  • Dan Saccoccio

Old Business

  • NONE

New Business

  • Real: Thanks for the bag of treats. Also,Tower 2, still working on the up & down for the bucket.  All other systems are working

  • Rescue Report
    Wanda:  Rescue members need to sign into “Target  Solutions/ Vector”to view new EMS protocol changes. See Wanda for any questions


1.    To accept secretary’s report: Made by Dave Russell 2nd by Jon Taylor
Motion carried

2.    To accept treasurer’s and communications report: Made by Dave Russell 2nd by Jon Taylor
Motion carried

3.    To adjourn: Made by Gary Cobb  2nd by Mark Lund:

Adjourned:  7:13 PM

Officers & Trustees


    Eyvonne Martin  2023

Vice President

    J.T.Tabolt            2023


Pete Harrison       2023

First Trustee 3 yr

    Nick Streeter       2025

Second Trustee 2 yr

Jon Taylor            2023

Third Trustee 1 yr

Nancy Connor      2023